Monday, August 2, 2010

Oneonta Falls + A log jam is a real thing

This weekend we went here:

But to get there we had to climb over this:

What is it?  Its a log jam.  Trees along the Oneonta Gorge die and fall down into the stream.  Water carries them to the end where there are large rocks that trap the logs.  They don't block the water, just the entrance to the gorge.  There is no way around except to climb...its quite a challenge.

When the log jam is conquered there's nothing left to do but wade in ice-cold water that gets waist deep at some points.  No you can't remove your shoes, but you can ruin them by getting them wet.

Sigh.  I actually am a little depressed about that.  Should have worn sandals.  I'm sure I'll find another pair of fuchsia New Balance.  Maybe.

 Don't bother holding up those shorts, it gets way deeper upstream....Sam and Betsey are going to be surprised next week!

The kiln is being fired this Thursday. Ceramics updates soon!