Monday, April 25, 2011

Look at me now, I'm gettin' cat furrr.

Me channeling Troy Polamalu's hair, with my best friend.
I've been thinking a lot about yesterday's post...I love Balloon, but I've never really written or posted anything about Furball here anywhere I'm pretty sure.  His Twitter is silent, but that's not really his style.  He's been the star of the show for as long as we've known him.  Furball's time with us began back in 2007.  Zach and I were just looking at cats on Craigslist...we weren't really considering actually getting a cat until we saw the listing.  Irwin, PA.  I knew that cat!  Furball used to belong to my stepsister, who decided to give up her cats whenever she had a baby.  I emailed right away. One of life's greatest treasures didn't cost me a cent (up front, anyway).

Furball is Balloon's exact opposite.  He's beautiful, but kinda dumb.  He's great at jumping.  He loves catnip.  He can run really fast.  He'll eat just about anything, including things that he shouldn't (like the time I'm pretty sure he got a hold of a bay leaf and threw up 14 times in a row). If curiosity killed any cat, it would be him.  He's so noisy; if he doesn't like something, he'll tell you right away. Furball is incredibly snuggly, friendly and (with people) social. He's everyone's favorite, and I've heard it more than once "He's really more like a dog than a cat".

We love him so much we spent a lot of money bringing him on our 2700-mile move. Best of all, I've had him so long, I didn't have to take any pictures for this post.  I have plenty I've been taking them for years, doing nothing with about 1000+ pictures of Furball just looking amazing.  Here are some of my favorites.



Gettin' tore up on some catnip I grew last summer.

Exacting swift punishment on a catnip-filled pillow.

He didn't really "get" the leash.

Not Furball.  Hey, Baby J what are you doin' on here?
Furball's always been there when I need him...and sometimes I'll find a long, white whisker just when I need some extra encouragement.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Just so you know, this is going to be one of those boring posts about my cats.  I've been working a lot and cooking not so much. I've been seeing the doctor a lot because I have been having some health problems (which are simply annoying, time consuming, and not life-threatening so don't bother worrying).  I'll soon also have a preview of a pretty afghan I'm making for my cousin's new baby due in September...but that is not done or sent yet, and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

That being said, cats are furry little angels that help you get through any and all hard times (even if they do barf and poop more than I do.)

Balloon is a comedian.  She's also a genius.  She does amazing things like open doors (both push an pull, Furball can only figure out push, but don't tell him I said that). She's really funny. I watched her pull herself across the floor on her back 6 inches at a time the other day.  She hates any treats except for cheese and gobs of plain yogurt (and butter if she can get it), and she mostly doesn't understand cuddling or toys.  But there is one thing she can't resist - Ponytail holders.  The thicker the better, she always attacks them, carries them around in her mouth, and throws them down the hall, only to go bounding after them (awkwardly, as she is not the athlete Furball is).  So as an Easter present, I give you Balloon in all her velvety soft glory.

Moving in for the kill...

BITE!  An action shot...

Balloon and her "Easter" bunny.  

Balloon:  Hey!! He didn't bring me any treats!

Please don't hesitate to notice her marbled toes.  <3   Happy Easter, all!

Balloon wants you to follow her on Twitter!  @Balloon_the_cat doesn't tweet much when I'm working, though.