Saturday, August 13, 2011

Midnight snack...

What the hell is it?

It's a Jicama, or a "Mexican Turnip".  This one is peeled, normally they look like this.  I doubt you have to actually peel them, but the sticker on mine suggested it.  Don't grab your vegetable peeler, though.  If you can get it started (say, near the stem?) the peel comes of by itself quite easily.  Alternatively, I have seen them in vegetable trays but this isn't very common.

What do I do with it?

My favorite way to eat them is raw with dip.  There are recipes, but I have been trying to incorporate more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables in my diet, and I feel very good.  Nutritional value?  Mostly carbs, fiber and water.  They are chock full of inulin(a kind of fiber), and are extremely filling.  Essentially they are a tasty vehicle for getting your favorite dressing from the bottle to your mouth, while sneaking 6 grams of fiber inside of you with you barely noticing.

How's it taste?

Crisp. Starchy. Wet.  If you like raw carrots or cut up sweet potatoes, you'll like this.  Its really crispy and satisfyingly fun to eat.