Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Dishes!

I finally decided on some grown-up dishes.  I found these classic Blue Willow dishes at Fred Meyer's last night.  Not too expensive, with many options like a matching tea pot, gravy boat (which I didn't buy, because when was the last time I made gravy?) and a sugar and creamer set.  They are made in England and seem very solid and sturdy.

My first choice would probably have been the classic English "Botanic Garden" set, but at 40 dollars per dinner plate, I can't afford that and a very clumsy husband.  That is, I can't afford to be very attached to my dishes.  These plates ring up at only $7 for the dinner plates, though the special dishes, like this large serving platter sold for about $35.  Again, still cheaper than the aforementioned set with its $80 oval platter.

So far I only got a service for 4, plus the platter, which was only about $100.  I'll probably go back and add to my set whenever I can.  For now, they're looking great in my cabinets.