Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This is my first post from my iPhone, so I'm going to be pretty brief. It's basically a test to see how this turns out! Tonight, Zach and I weren't hungry for anything. We went to the store looking for healthy dinner options, but were at a loss for what to make. It was getting pretty late, so I decided pasta would be a great idea. We don't eat it often, and I often crave the type of spaghetti my mom (and probably yours!) made: the kid-pleaser jar of store-bought sauce with ground beef thrown in. So that's what I did, with a few healthy improvements: ground turkey instead of beef for protein, plus red peppers, mushrooms and onions for flavor and nutrition. Kinda lazy. Deliciously lazy.

Sauces come in really healthy options now; be sure to get one without any added sugar.  Some national brands can have a lot, so read those labels!  In addition, whole wheat pasta can be great to help cut down on the carbs, but as I don't eat a lot of pasta, I'm pretty okay with plain old noodles.  This pasta was made of spelt, which does not differ in taste from normal wheat pasta, but it is apparently a somewhat different entity.  I've also used brown rice pasta before with excellent results.