Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update on Furball!

Last week Furball had been at the Vet's because he was peeing all over the place!  He's always been a crazy litterbox-digger ever since I can remember and we thought he was just neurotic, as I had mentioned it before at both of his vets and neither one seemed concerned.  This time, he was noticeably not well. The vet did about a grand of work on my free kitty, and it turns out that he has bladder stones, which is common in male cats his age.  We were glad it wasn't worse, because cats his age can often become diabetic.  Perhaps not this time, Furball is a very active cat.

Sent home with a course of antibiotics (the stones can sometimes cause infections as well) and a new urinary-tract health diet (which isn't as expensive as insulin, at least) there is approximately a million percent improvement in my little kitty.  He goes to the litterbox a normal amount of times(!) and is very energetic and friendly. As he is quite well, it does not appear at this time that we will have to get him surgery or further treatment. It was, as I must admit, very very worth the price because my home is no longer COVERED in the evidence of his many litterbox trips.  I only need to vacuum weekly, my floors are furniture are clear of litter.  ...And we may get to keep our little buddy around for another 8 years.