Wednesday, December 10, 2008

killing spree prevention device covers or "Colorwork iPod Covers"

use scraps of yarn! make sure you have enough! make something fun! takes only one day! Scandinavian patterns because that’s where most of our music comes from! These are great for a first test project with colorwork that is neither expensive or time consuming.

step one: using any worsted weight yarn and size us 8 dpns, cast on either 32 or 28 depending on how large or small your ipod is. 32 might fit like a monster old fashioned 60 gig. 28 will fit my 30 gig video and also new thinner ones like the itouch.

step two: do some 1x1 ribbing until you’re okay with it. do it tight so the ipod doesn’t fall out.

step three: designs. patterns. using two colors helps the case be thicker and more cusiony for the pod. For the checkered pink and black case, after ribbing, k 1 round black, k 2 rounds pink, then follow that with k2 pink k2 black for two rounds, then switch the colors to k2 black k2 pink. k 2 more rounds of pink, finish off with black until you're satisfied with the length. The grey and black is a little more complex, but still easy to figure out...just take a look.

step four: when its long enough, please cast off and then sew it together at the bottom.

step five: wrap that rascal. play some tuneage.

Here's mine on ravelry.

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