Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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Spring is almost here, time for a new hat! This is a pattern I discovered after finding a partially unwound skein of Wool-ease Thick and Quick in colorway "cilantro" on sale at Michael's for 1/2 price. I needed something to make with just one skein, and this hat did nicely.

The pattern is "Cordova" by Jen Lacroix. Easily the most fun knit I've had the pleasure of completing in a long time, the lace rows go fast and the resulting hat is light and fun to wear. While knitting it I considered that the pattern, doubled, would work extremely well in a worsted-weight cotton blend (I've got an extra skein of cotton-ease). That would be a fantastic springtime and early summer hat.

Zach has returned from APhA!  I didn't cook the whole time he was gone, except for whipping up a batch of Cilantro Pesto before my bunch of fresh cilantro went bad.  Cilantro pesto has easily been my favorite for years.  As you may guess, its a little bit different from basil pesto.  I think its better, but then I really don't like basil.  It is still good on pasta of all sorts but I'd also consider it tasty enough to use as a dip for veggies, especially carrots.  Its great on top of fish, as cilantro naturally chelates mercury from your body.  The classic "cilantro" flavor disappears in the mix, so this recipe may even be suitable for cilantro haters.  Its also vegan, depending on what you're eating it on top of.

Cilantro Pesto
Pine nuts (raw)
Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt (I used the Pink stuff)
Fresh Cilantro
Whole Garlic Cloves (start with one, go from there)

I never measure when I'm making this, sorry.  I just put it in my food processor until its chunky and I've used up most or all of my ingredients.  Too Liquid?  Add more nuts?  Too bland?  Add more salt or garlic.  Its really up to you!

I'm halfway through "Fugitives and Refugees".  Great read.

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  1. Glad you like the book. He is a very unique and interesting author and Portland is a great place.