Sunday, March 28, 2010


 Recently I've had a bit of "knitters" block.  I got the idea that making headbands, which are both short and very useful projects would be a good use of my time.  I figured they'd be easy to complete even with knitter's block.  Enter Maner.  An easy buttoned headband with unique construction.  Or so I thought. Along my knitting journey I frogged this...twice.  The first time I completed it, despite measuring my head and checking gauge (which is looser than that of the pattern, but i thought some roominess would be good) it DID NOT even come close to fitting around my head.  I have literally no idea what I did wrong.  Second try: I added 20 stitches to the pattern, then finished it.  It just now, after blocking it stretched out on the radiator all night, fits around my head, rather tightly.  It looks nothing like the one in the picture, its much thinner.  The seams end behind my head not near my ears.  The best part though is the button, which came in a bag of assorted craft buttons.  I do still recommend this project though.  I'm sure I'm the only one that had this bad of a time with it. All this begs the question:  What is WRONG with my knitting?  Remember my Cilantro hat had to have 8 stitches added to it?  I'm making gauge but things are still way too tight.

Addendum:  many Ravelers, now that I read through the projects, seem to have found that adding 20 to the pattern was necessary.  I don't feel as totally insane now.

At least cooking is going much better.  Friday I made Alton Brown's Carrot Slaw with raisins and pineapples.  Its GREAT.  I highly recommend this dish, as its pretty healthy and the flavor is unique and delicious.  We had fried shrimp and cocktail sauce with it.

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  1. I saw pineapple earlier at the store. Now I wish I had gotten it.