Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black Rice Pudding - Say Whaaaat?

I really love rice pudding, but I can no longer have dairy, especially milk.  My favorite recipe called for lots of it, so I stopped making it a few months ago.

A few days ago while shopping at Whole Foods in the bulk section I noticed some unusual black rice.  Its called "Forbidden Rice", supposedly because it was forbidden for anyone except the Emperor to eat (according to Wikipedia, anyway).  I had to have some, and besides, it was on sale.  But the main problem:  what does one make with black rice?  Originally I was looking for a savory recipe to serve with salmon, but when I saw one for black rice pudding I couldn't say no.

Uncooked black rice.  Soak 1 hour in water before you cook it!

The recipe for black rice pudding calls for very few ingredients, using coconut milk instead of dairy. With just the rice, coconut milk, sugar, salt and water, you can whip up an easy and delicious pudding for yourself in about 2 hours.  
Topped with some coconut milk-yum!

The resulting pudding is purplish-black in color.  Its very chewy, filling and slightly sweet.  High in saturated fat, but also high in minerals including iron, this pudding can be eaten for dessert or even breakfast.  I can tell that this recipe would also be great with other kinds of rice, like brown or even white or sticky rice.  Next time I might add a touch more sugar because I think puddings should be a tad sweeter than this was.

Ugh I haven't finished any knitting projects recently.  I really need to get going with them, I have a few started already that I'm looking forward to finishing but its so very hard to knit when its not cold out...


  1. hi pallot, that is actually one of our traditional dish (for malays in malaysia). we called it bubur pulut hitam, bubur=porridge (can be sweet or savoury), pulut= glutinous rice and hitam = black.

    the normal rice won't taste as good, but glutinous rice that gives the goey taste. glad that you enjoyed it. ;)

  2. I used to make that as a kid. hahahaha. It's so freaking easy. I never measured anything. I usually soaked it overnight before cooking it though. I think I only made it once since I came to college.

    You can always use light coconut milk (basically diluted coconut milk) to cut down the saturated fat. I see a lot of recipes in Cooking Light using coconut milk, so it cannot be that bad, unless of course if you have big hamburger afterward.

  3. I can definitely see a kid making this - it took zero effort but I loved watching the black rice cook!

    Soaking the rice for an hour seemed to do the trick though...especially since I wanted to eat it now!