Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Sand Dune is a Real Thing....The best time you've ever had at a Fred Meyer.

This weekend we went to the coast.  While the Oregon Coast is pretty amazing, there was one part that we found quite unbelievable.  We pulled up to Fred Meyer to find this behind it:

Sand dunes.  Really, we parked in the parking lot and there they were.  Here's a picture in case you don't believe me:

 There I am for scale, and there's Fred Meyer in the background.  Walking on them was incredibly surreal...We couldn't believe there was a small part of the Sahara just behind a department store....but just as a reality check, what was on the other side of the massive dunes? A golf course.  sigh.

Where's a dune buggy when you need one?

 Just for reference:

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