Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A tribute to Finland

According to my flag counter, someone Finnish has been visiting my blog. Whoever is visiting my page from Finland, come back, especially if you're a knitter!

Finnish knitting patterns are by far the best!  Here are some of my favorites:

Aili's Mittens.  A few lucky people might get these as holiday gifts!
Basilika. Somebody finally translated this into English.  If i didn't have a million other sweaters planned I'd love to make it!
Kainuun kukkalapaset.  I'm told Finnish is a hard language to learn.  No kidding. Look at all those double consonants.

Then again, with the title of this blog, maybe the Finnish person was looking for these guys:

I <3 the Bassist.

So to all my Finnish friends, enjoy your saunas, beers, and hockey.  Because I love those things, too.


It was my original desire to have a metal knitting blog.


  1. Here I was thinking that "Needled 24/7" was just a clever knitting pun.

  2. enjoy the video I posted...if you can.