Monday, December 13, 2010

Food from a real cookbook...

The other day I bought a cookbook.  An actual hard-copy cookbook.The Borders' location nearest to us was going out of business and I don't know what came over me...Especially since the recipes can all be found online. For what its worth, if you know a vegetarian (or someone who is trying to eat healthier) who doesn't love using the internet, I'd recommend this cookbook:  Easy Everyday Vegetarian.

The first recipe I chose to cook out of this new book is Tempeh Stir-Fry with yogurt peanut sauce.  It looked and tasted lovely.  I don't cook with soy too often because sometimes it doesn't agree with me in general, but I wanted to try tempeh just this once. I didn't make any alterations to the recipe, but I think that if tempeh is too odd for you or is unavailable, tofu, chicken, peanuts, mushrooms, or shrimp would all be delicious substitutes.

An easy recipe for a healthy 2011.

What is tempeh?  Read about it over at Wikipedia.
Want to make this?  You don't really need a cookbook at all!  Tempeh Stir-Fry

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  1. I have a block of tempeh and a block of tofu that I need to use up before I leave. But I'm just so not in the mood for rice since I'll be going to the land of rice-eating people.

    I also have ricotta cheese and cream cheese I that need to be used too. God knows what kinda concoction I would come up with :-P

    p.s. I usually baked the tempeh strips rather than frying them. It is way easier, and if you plan carefully, the tempeh usually ready around the same time you would want to add them to the stir-fry anyway. It actually cut your cooking time.