Thursday, May 5, 2011

Laziness pie.

Yesterday I decided to make a pie.  I think I was in a good mood because it was sunny and Zach and I had a day off together.  Sadly, none of those things were still true today.  And some bad kids gave me a cold.  Oops, I meant "some kids gave me a bad cold".

But at least I still have my pie...I have to say I'm getting great at all butter crusts.  I don't use shortening usually because it's supposed to be terrible for you.  Butter is real, etc.  I just think it tastes better, really.   I find after getting used to an all-butter crust, putting in shortening makes it super bland.  That being said, it's been a long time since my last pie, and I just looked up a random all-butter recipe as a refresher.  After I had made it, I realized it was for only one crust!  Crap.  It was 10:30, I had to get up for work, and I still wanted pie.

Dutch apple pie to the rescue!  Five stars, indeed.  I may never make a regular two-crust pie again.  I did cut way back on the nutmeg, though.  Because ew, nutmeg.  I think I shook the shaker once on top of 5 cups of apples just to say it was in there.  Why is it called Dutch Apple Pie anyway?  I'm guessing it has more to do with Pennsylvania Dutch and less to do with Netherlands Dutch.

I tend to bake pies on top of a cookie sheet in case they leak...

 I'm gonna need ideas for strawberry-rhubarb soon.  Sounds like a great summertime pie.

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