Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cheap bike basket 30 second how-to. If you even needed a how-to.

It's already August!  Where have I been? The Pharmacy.  Biking.  Job interviews.

After a stretch of 6 days at the pharmacy in a row, I had enough.  I decided to, just for the hell of it, throw out two job applications.  Seeing as how I applied to 100 jobs and just got rude rejection letters last year, I figured it would take several months to even hear back from any of them.

I was wrong.  The first application I sent invited me for an interview.  Then they hired me.  In less than two weeks.  So I am now a part time library assistant in for the Oregon City library.  I am kissing my pill-counting days goodbye. You know, forever.

I've also been volunteering at OMSI on their grant-writing team, and I've been having a great time at it.

Happy cats are not on the sidewalk!  Happy cats are just on the porch!  

What else?  After gaining 8 pounds since January, I decided to start biking again.  And I'm doing it in style.  I recently purchased a red Electra cruiser and I've had fun taking it all over the city.  My old bike, which needs a bit of work, had a basket on it; this bike didn't.  An easy fix:  Any square basket and some zip ties.  I've found so many of life's problems can be solved with zip ties.  Its not incredibly stable and/or weight bearing, but a few books, a purse or a bottle of water would fit nicely into this basket and leave my hands free for riding.  And if it breaks I could probably buy six more for the cost of a real bike basket.

Total cost: $1.99.
On to the bike easy crochet project.  I devised a way to keep it on the seat, but I haven't ridden with it on yet.  Most people just lace yarn through the bottom and tie it on, but I thought for whatever reason I'd try something else...If my method fails I can just take it apart and lace it through the regular way.

Directions later if anyone is interested.

Here's a video for you:

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