Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My favorite breakfast spot... my backyard.  Earlier in the year I posted pictures of the pathway Zach and I cleaned the raspberries are beginning to get ripe.  We get about a pint of them ever 2 days, maybe a bit more.  If you have room, and you don't need much as you can see, I really highly recommend growing a small berry patch.  With careful maintenance last fall (tips from my mom as well as online tutorials), I got plenty of berries with almost no work.  Mainly the labor consists of cutting the berry canes at the end of the year, tying them to the fence (you can see an old chain-link fence the picture that divides my yard from my neighbor's).  I want to add that though I did not fertilize them or do anything else, I am looking into it for this year.  As I inherited this patch, I cannot tell you which varieties are planted here, only that there are about 4 different kinds that all ripen at different times.  All are thornless, which is a relief to me because blackberry picking always ends in blood and ripped clothing.
at the beginning of spring...not much growth over the winter

Berry patch now in June.
Yum yum!

We have strawberries, too.

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