Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Watch, as I attempt to bring this blog back from the dead! A blogger blog? How 2008!

This is my first post since April. Last summer I had a pretty serious relapse of my Hashimoto's, and work picked up pretty well for several months. This means when I wasn't at work, I was at the doctors, or asleep. I've had a lot of time off lately, and normally I get pretty depressed about it, but lately I have just been glad to have the chance to clean my home and cook dinner.

So what's new?

Zach found out his severe eczema is directly related to wheat/gluten consumption. I have been cooking a lot of gluten free treats for him to eat, because he is pretty used to convenience foods.

One of the first things I made was frozen breakfast burritos. The ones he loved from Trader Joe's are wrapped in a wheat tortilla and are no longer a good option. I decided to try making my own, with slightly different Ingredients as you can see from the picture: Egg, tofu scramble with pepper and onion, and hashed browns on a rice wrapper + cheese that melts when microwaved. I should mention that these particular wraps are fairly delicate, and hard to wrap up a burrito with. That being said, the flavor isn't bad. So far, the overall results have been positive.

Also, enter Freyja. She was so lovely as a kitten we couldn't say no...so yes we now have THREE felines. Crazy.

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  1. you may want to try two rice wraps. I know you watch what you do but this may just help ya out.