Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Anniversary in a Treehouse

Can you believe I've been married for three years?  For our third anniversary, Z and I decided we didn't want to do anything complicated (our original ideas included Japan, New Mexico, or even Southern California).  Instead, we chose a remote treehouse hotel in Washington State.  The drive was only about an hour and a half away, didn't involve TSA body scanners, and with no internet, allowed us to truly get away from it all.
The treehouse itself...it was not really very 'luxury' but definitely a neat place to spend some time by ourselves.

There was a great collection of old tapes and a tape player...truly rustic.  Our favorites were an old 'A Perfect Circle' mix tap someone had made, and one of the Ramones.

The Treehouse's kitchen.  The range in the background was the same exact one my last 'college' apartment in Pittsburgh had.


I am going to remember to bring a Mushrooming guide next time I come...lots of them looked edible, and there are a lot of places along the road that will buy your foraged mushrooms to send to stores.

The hike the last day we were there was absolutely fantastic.  For some reason, most of the good pictures of the lake were taken on my phone...I'll have to try and add some later.

For some reason I selected a really odd aspect ratio, and then never changed it back...

An excellent view of Mt. Adams.

Some of the views were like a fairy tale!  I couldn't believe how gorgeous everything looked...There were even some places where there was snow on the ground, like this gorgeous alpine meadow.

After my return I was a bit bummed to have to go back to regular life in the city...but the city is where I live, so until next time!

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  1. Wow, that looks like another world, like a fantasy land. Very different than south western PA '" ;-)