Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter State, Oppressive Wait

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I found out today that I did NOT get the Americorps position I applied for. While I am disappointed, I think there will be plenty more positions to apply for. Now I guess I don't need to worry about moving out early, either.

Filling my spare time with crafts hasn't been all bad. I have been working on various methods to create buttons from craft store polymer clay to use on my own work. They turned out very nice and I am considering perhaps selling them on Etsy or Ebay or something like that. I would appreciate feedback on this.

I have finished with my "Toasty" mits, but I am knitting a pair for a male friend and I am going to wait until they are finished to post about them.

I have also been going to Pittsburgh Center for the Arts during open wheel time. Working on my throwing hasn't been easy, but it has paid off. I hope to continue this in Oregon, perhaps working (veerrry slowly!) on a MFA or BFA in ceramics or fabric arts.

Currently there is a very nice-smelling stew in my crock pot. More about that, including the recipe when its all devoured.


  1. lol, do you remember last summer when i went to the POLYMER CLAY JEWELRY JAM? i made some earrings that just scream kindergarten teacher. i'm sure yours are nicer =)

  2. I do remember that! Maybe the earrings are trying to tell you something about your calling. ;)

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