Friday, March 5, 2010

Errant Skeins Afghan

the afghan in all its 15% completed glory
This is my wedding present to my husband-to-be. We are getting married months in the future, but of course I began this now so that I would have no trouble finishing it by the date of our civil ceremony in mid-July.

The original pattern is for a baby blanket made with sock yarn. Instead, I am using up all the old skeins of worsted-weight acrylic yarn that I have, and believe me, there is enough yarn in my stash! I was very surprised at how all the colors look together. While we have quite a few blankets already, I wanted to make something with more modern colors that was brand-new for the big move. The photo here is doing the brightness and vibrancy of the yarn no justice.

Here is the Ravelry link if you care to follow:  Wavy Gravy

Unfortunately because of the Afghan, I have still NOT finished the last Toasty mitt.  I suspect that I will be done by the end of the evening and have pictures posted soon, and the intended recipient who is anxiously awaiting his mitts will have the [slightly itchy] pleasure of wearing them before it gets too warm.

In the pot this week:  Fusilli Alla Caprese from the Food Network, with some added improvements.  Instead of the basil, I used fresh spinach as I am not a dedicated basil fan and neither is Zach.  If I made this recipe again, I would cut the cherry tomatoes in half first, as smashing them with a fork in the pan definitely caused one to shoot its seedy juice into my eye and all over my shirt.  I would also suggest using either a softer cheese than mozzerella, or adding the chunks straight to the pan and melting them for a few seconds because the heat from the pasta was simply not hot enough to do the job.

Nevertheless, a few seconds in the microwave melted the cheese nicely.  Speaking of which, I'm pretty hungry right now, so I'm off to heat up some of these leftovers and chow down.  Peace.


  1. Hey Roxanne,

    What are your plans for Oregon?

    My husband and I are lovers of Oregon, and are actually headed there later this month for interviews. I have an interview for a position as a classroom assistant in a Montessori school, and Mark has one for a counselor position at a residential treatment center for youth. They're both in SE Portland, and if all works out we'll be moving by the end of July at the latest.

    Everytime we've been to Oregon, we've felt like we were coming home. There's just something about the land that draws us in there.


    PS. LOVE your knits! I'm so bad a keeping photographic record of my projects. I really should be better about it!

  2. civel ceremony in mid-july? how come i don't know about this. Nice :-)

  3. T: Yeah I guess I'm not that excited about getting married, hah...Its not that I'm not excited I just don't know that it will be that much different since we've been living together for 3+ years. Zach'sealth insurance kicks in around then.

    Beth: My fiance got a job as a Pharmacist for Walgreens in Portland. I've never even been there, but everything I've heard its good news. I don't have a job myself yet, but I'll be looking and if I don't find one I'll be going back to school. Good luck with your interview, hope to see you there.