Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pretzels: Another Alton Brown Success

You did it again, Alton!  I don't think I've seen his show more than once or twice, and I don't find Iron Chef America all that entertaining, however I keep finding myself loving Alton Brown's recipes from the Food Network website.  Today's awesome success was no exception, Ms. T and I made Pretzels(with a few creative changes to the recipe)! What a great way to spend one of my last weekends in Pittsburgh!  Head on over to Silver Linings Saga for the whole story.  Me?  I'm just posting pictures!

Many of the Pretzels ended up going to Zach's parents.  Here a Pretzel is turned into a bun for a chicken patty.  They are quite versatile!
Here's a wonderful photo of how they looked fresh out of the oven in Ms. T's kitchen.

A few of them we made into cinnamon pretzels by brushing them with butter and sprinkling them with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar!

Side note:  Ms. T you may have just converted me to Picasa. 

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  1. I found a site that put an interesting twist to Alton Brown's Pretzel. Instead of baking in the oven, they use waffle iron. But on another note, the blogger has nice vintage cast iron waffle iron though. I'm not sure how well it would work on regular waffle iron though.

    Here's the link