Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final Countdown: Pittsburgh 1 week and counting.

The last few weeks have been so, so busy!  Packing up and saying goodbye is really time consuming and draining.  However, the last two weeks in Pittsburgh have been the most fun I've ever had here.  Zach's graduation parties, family gatherings and farewell dinners with old friends. Pictures follow:

Zach's Grad Party at Pittsburgh's Hopfbrauhaus.  We did not consume as much beer as we appear to have.

Zach eats a Rocket Pop on his Graduation Day.

Boating at Twin Lakes Park

Making cheese raviolis with Tess with my Grandma's ravioli press.

All of this is making leaving Pittsburgh so hard! I don't know if I'll actually miss living here, even though it was somehow voted "Most Livable City" by Forbes magazine again.  I'm definitely ready for a new environment, but leaving the people that I love so much is really, really difficult.  Maybe I'll be back someday.  Maybe...

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