Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life on 8th and Sherrett...

Summer is finally here.  I can't say we've been doing nothing but gardening, but it's high up on our list of hobbies.  Here are the latest pictures.
The view from our gable room .  Notice the dirt road and the  "Oregon dream" truck.
That would be a bio diesel-converted Isuzu Pup.  Other variations would include a an ancient tan Datsun or a Toyota. 

Cosmos.  These strange flowers have been good to me...I am pretty bad with annuals because they are so fragile...

A stay-on from the last owners

Hungarian Blue poppies...I. am. so. excited.

Red Honeysuckle...It's planted in a really unfortunate area so it doesn't grow much...

Hydrangeas from the last owner...or maybe several past.  These bushes are huge
and get bunches of flowers as big as a basketball.

Pink lavender...I am more into the purple variety but this bush was huge
and we didn't want to kill it.  Once the blooms are past I'll cut it all and made moth-repellent sachets.

Purple sage and Hidcote

Lavender "Edelweiss"

Blueberries, also in an unfortunate location.

Our strawberry patch is pretty immature at this point.

Still blooming..."June-bearing"?  I desperately don't understand the growing season here.

one of a few...

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